Vascular ultrasound provides detailed visual information of blood vessels, including arteries and veins, and the blood flowing through them. In this type of ultrasound, sound waves are transmitted through the area being examined and its returning speed to the ultrasound machine helps technologists calculate the speed of blood flow in the vessel. With this information, healthcare professionals can diagnose certain conditions, for instance, when the speed of blood flow shows to be above the parameters, it indicates a narrowing or blockage in the vessel.

Among other more specific applications, vascular ultrasounds are used to:

  • Look for thrombus, blood clots or chronic venous insufficiency.
  • Find blockages or narrowing of arteries.
  • Venous reflux.
  • Evaluate the success of procedures.
  • Monitor correct blood flow to organs and tissues.


We perform:

  • Aorta.
  • Carotid.
  • Flow in/out of abdomen organs.
  • Hemodialysis.
  • Lower extremities arteries.
  • Upper extremities arteries.
  • Lower extremities venous system.
  • Upper extremities venous system.
  • Ankle Brachial Index (ABI).

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